...A Short History
As we reach our tenth year as a club we are proud to have both a men's and women's team both playing in the regional leagues.
In the near future we plan to expand our rosters into Mini, Youth, and Juniors squads.
Meet The Teams
Both teams welcome new members of any experience from complete beginners to experienced players. Please feel free to contact us or click the link below to join us.
Our Men's team has been competing in various leagues throughout the duration of the club. The team is a multicultural one and we have players from all corners of the globe. Displaying a range of experience from complete beginners to ex-national players.
 The team is currently playing there first season in the National League South, which is the second division in the country behind the Premier league. 
 With an influx of interest and players we have for the first time in the clubs history registered a second mens team, named the Bristol Spartan's to continue representing Bristol in the South West Development (SWD) League along with various national flight competitions.
  We will continue to build upon our stable base of players and move up the leagues, and finally reaching our goal of competing in the Premier league.
Our Women's team has been a slow progress for the club. 
For the last couple of seasons we have linked up with our friends at Bath Handball Club to be able to enter a joint team into the league to give them some court time.
We are now lucky to have a diverse group of players of various ages from multiple nations. Playing at a range of different experience levels. The 2014/15 season seen our team finally enter the South West Development (SWD) League on our own. The team has gone from strength to strength in numbers and performance. We hope to be able to grow on these strengthens and move up to the higher leagues and competitions in the sessions to come.
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